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Simple Table View of Products allows you to add several variations of a configurable product, with different characteristics, all at once to the cart.  You can see everything in once place & don’t need to change swatches.

Magento uses configurable products to arrange and manage similar simple products, which are different by a few parameters, like color/size/material, etc. (for instance: t-shirts, pants or maybe flowers).

For example, your client is buying flowers and needs a certain quantity of flowers, with different colors and sizes. To add those different variations to the cart, the client must select swatches of the configurable product, and each time has to add one specific type of product to the cart.   

When a store doesn’t have configurable products, a client has to open each simple product and manually add them one-by-one. This is inconvenient and time consuming for the customer.  

With a Simple Table View of Products, this allows the customer to add several simple products to the cart all at once. Your client just selects the quantity of the products they want to buy.


This solution creates a table that shows everything all in one place.  Every option, every color, skus, every price, and every option available, making it simple and easy for your customers to shop.

Features at a glance:

  • Works on any Magento 2 version
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to configure
  • Adds several products at once, without needing to add them one-by-one
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