Hide Products & Prices

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Allows the store administrator to hide prices and the "Add to cart" button, or hide the product itself from any user group.

In some cases, store owners prefer to keep products or prices hidden from their site visitors, unregistered users or certain user groups.  We developed this solution to solve this issue.  This module hides product prices and “Add to cart” button or hides the product itself from a selected user group (or several user groups). 

You decide who you want viewing your products/prices and only those user groups have access to the price/product and/or “Add to cart” at the checkout. This feature is great for wholesalers, VIP clients, retailers etc. and  even regular store owners who want to  encourage people to register onto their website so people can get access to view certain products/prices.


Products/prices can be hidden in the following places

  • Category list page.

  • Product view page.

  • Compare pop up.



  • Encourages customers to register on the website

  • Hides prices from unknown or unregistered users/competitors

  • Quick Installation

  • Easy to manage

  • User friendly interface

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